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Welcome to the UKs premier Arcade game hire site.
We offer all the most popular arcade games to Private parties,
Corporate events, Company Fundays, Weddings
and many more.
Our Games

We have a large range of arcade games for hire to suit practically any occasion.
We own all the arcade games and equipment you see on this site.
This not only guarantees you the best price from us but also ensures that all our arcade games are maintained to the highest standard and are clean, tidy and fully tested every time they leave our workshop. 

If you love arcade games as much as us but cant make your mind up on the best option for your event, why not come and visit our workshop and take a look at the 60+ games we have set up on a daily basis.  

Games Avalable...
 Driving And Racing Game Hire
 Classic Retro Arcade Game Hire Shooting Arcade Game Hire
Table Game Hire Competition Games Hire
Musical Game Hire
How Are Arcade Game Hire works
We offer two types of Arcade game hire.
  Contract hire and  Single event hire.

Contract Arcade Game Hire means your arcade game is delivered and set up in a location of your choice and you then pay for it on a monthly or annual basis.
During this time your game is fully maintained by us.
Contract Hire can work out as little as £25 per week.

Single event Arcade Game Hire is great for private parties, corporate events, weddings and university events allowing you to create a full arcade for your guests. All the games are set to freeplay and you have full peace of mind knowing our events staff are on site to resolve any issues.
  Single event hire can cost as little as £250+vat per machine
Driving And Racing Game Hire   

have been a market leader in driving games since video games began. Sega Rally Championship is one of our most populur hire out games with a great two or four player connectivity and with its fast paced action its a great addition to any event.

For More Information On Sega Rally Hire Contact Us
From £495 ex vat

Daytona Racing Game Hire
"If you ant' first your last"  Jump in to the world of stock car racing and enjoy high spee
d. With vibrant colours and a realistic built in surround sound system the race has never felt so real drivers stick the pedal to the metal while zooming through banks and turns, Using the slipstream to judge the drift before passing cars, drivers thrill crowds with the exciting close up action!

For More Information On Daytona USA Twin Hire Contact Us
From £495 ex vat 
Arcade Game Hire
  Based on the world famous Isle of Man TT Race. This simulator faithfully reproduces all the thrills and spills of a high speed bike race on life sized motorbikes. This game is a brilliant 2 player challenge with a choice of two demanding courses, giving you the super bike riding experience without any of the danger
    For More Information On Manx TT Hire Contact Us
From £495 ex vat  

In this video game ski simulator guests choose their skier and then choose their skiing style; racing, mogul or freestyle. Once the choice of style is made the level of difficulty is selected depending on your ability.  Guests move the skis and can use the edges of the simulated skies to cut thru the snow & ice as they proceed down the mountain.  Individuals of
all ages will enjoy this great ski simulator. Two Player linked play is also avalable on this attraction.

For More Information On Alpine Racer Hire Contact Us
From £395 ex vat

A great snowmobile racing game and one of our new additions this Christmas. Pick from six snowmobile riders and six tracks to race on. During the race, the player can pick up power-ups, ranging from boosts to atomic snowballs

For More Information On Arctic Thunder Hire Contact Us
From £395 ex vat
Classic Retro Arcade Game Hire

100% Origional and perfect for Movie and TV work and where having a fully true to life machine is essential. The screen quality is not as high as on our LED retro games but the games all still work as good as the day they rolled out the factory in the 80's.
For More Information On Origional Retro Game Hire Contact Us
From £250 ex vat


Designed specifically for the events and contract hire market these games are not only 100% reliable but give the absolute best gameplay you will find on any machine. When designing these Arcade games we selected the absolute best parts on the market with uprated joysticks and buttons to give the player the best experience possible  60+ Classic Game choices are built in to give hours of fun for every guest.   

For More Information On Classic Retro Game Hire Contact Us
From £250 ex vat For Single Events And Just £25 a Week for Contract Hire

Its hard to think of retro games without thinking about the classic two player titles like Street Fighter and Mortal Combat our multiplayer retro games offer up to 1500 classics to choose from so your guests are guaranteed to find the perfect game to transport them back to their youth. With so much choice this is easily our best returning Contract hire arcade game and we currently have over 50 of these on sites all over the Uk

For More Information On Modern Retro Games Hire Contact Us
From £250 ex vat For Single Events And Just £25 a Week for Contract Hire
Cocktail Cabinet arcade game hire
Having fun is hard work so why not give your guests change to sit down chill out and enjoy some 80's classic gaming, one of this games huge advantages is it is fully accessable for disabled users meaning everyone can enjoy your event as much as you. This Arcade Game comes with 60 classics build in so your guarenteed not to get bored.

For More Information On Cocktail Cabinet Retro Games Hire Contact Us
From £250 ex vat For Single Events And Just £25 a Week for Contract Hire


Shooting Arcade Game Hire
Time Crisis Hire

The largest of our twin shooting games our Time Crisis 2 makes a big impact. Time crisis is probabably one of the most iconic Arcade Games Franchises and allows 2 player coop play. Toatally immersive two player gaming with a build in step to hide from the bad guys this game is fantastic for events.

For More Information On Time Crisis Arcade Game Hire Contact Us
From £495 ex vat 

House of the dead arcade game hire

House of the Dead Rent. In House of the Dead video game the shooting simulator, is divided into four Chapters, each with its own end-boss: Armoured Giant, Man-Bat, Giant Spider and the "Magician". Players use there high powered pistols to fight though level after level of undead zombies

For More Information On House Of The Dead Arcade Game Hire Contact Us
From £395 ex vat 

sharp shooter arcade game hire
Challenge your guests shooting sklls with our all new sharp shooter you need an sharp eye and steady hand for this tricky shooting game as you look down the scope to shoot targets at the end of the game each player recives a scorecard making compotitions a breeze

For More Information On Sharp Shooter Arcade Game Hire Contact Us
From £395 ex vat 

Table Game Hire
Everyone loves a Pinball Table and no 80's not is truly complete without one of these bad boys. Keep the ball in play as long as possible while unlocking features and fighting for that top score 
Current stock includes...
Terminator 2, Pirates of the Caribbean, Batman Forever, The Getaway, Indi 500

For More Information On Pinball Table Hire Contact Us
From £395 ex vat 
Strike The Light
Challenge your friends to this fun Neon covered arcade game, The Aim of the game is to turn off as many lights as possible before the time runs out, two players play at once and a running total is displayed during the game. Button Bashers are banned from this one though as hitting the wrong light will mean a point is deducted from your score. 

For More Information On Strike The Light Arcade Game Hire Contact Us
From £395 ex vat
Air Hockey Table Hire
Compact and easy to install our Air Hockey Table Hire is a fantastic addition to any event. This Two player game is a great low cost high impact attraction that fits into a package with our other games perfectly

For More Information On Air Hockey Table Hire Contact Us
From £250 ex vat
Hire Table Football
Easy to play and great for events where power is an issue like carparks or marquees, this classic game look at home in any venue as we have a selection to suit your theme and is always a popular choice

For More Information On Football Table Hire Contact Us
From £250 ex vat
Pool Table Hire
Everyones favorite pub game now avalable to any venue, Our fully commercial slate bed pool tables give the absolute highest standard of play and with there classic white finish they really look the part in any venue

For More Information On Pool Table Hire Contact Us
From £350 ex vat
For Single Events And Just £35 a Week for Contract Hire

Competition Games


Perfect for the football fan in your life or for events with high testosterone levels, simular to our Boxing arcade game hire this game get players to kick the ball as hard as possible to try and set the top score.

For More Information On The Kicker Arcade Game Hire Contact Us
From £395 ex vat

The ultimate competition game, find out who is the biggest hitter in your office or entertain your guests by getting them to hit it off to get the top score and win a bottle of fizz. Can also come with a magnetic leaderboard to help monitor scores

For More Information On Boxing Arcade Game Hire Contact Us
From £395 ex vat
Batak for hire
Used by boxers and F1 Drivers alike this modern game is the ultimate test of reaction speed, players turn off as many lights as possible in 30 seconds. This game can either stand alone or be wall mounted making it perfect for both exhibition stands and events

For More Information On Batak Arcade Game Hire Contact Us
From £450 ex vat
Whack A mole Arcade Game Hire
Perfect for kids and big kids who are hungry for the nestalga whacking those little pop up fella's bring. The timer can be fully adjusted making the game harder or easyier and this game has the advantage of being fully wheelchair accessable.
Can also come with a magnetic leaderboard to help monitor scores

For More Information On Whack A Mole Arcade Game Hire Contact Us
From £450 ex vat

Musical Game Hire
Dance Machine Hire  
Pump It Up and Get in the Groove with our range of Konami Dance machines and unlike many of our copetitors we keep them fully origional meaning the play is exactly as you remember it. We offer all the best software including Megamix and Euromix so you are sure to have a great range of songs to boogie on down to.

For More Information On Dance Machine Hire Contact Us
From £495 ex vat
 Jukebox Hire  
We have both Digital and Vinyl Jukebox's for hire giving your guests 1000's of songs to choose from 60's soul to 00's pop and Hip Hop and everything inbetween. Both our Jukebox's come with a fantastic built in sound system and our Digital juke box can be wired in to any built in PA's at you venue

For More Information On Jukebox Hire Contact Us
From £350 ex vat

  Cant see what your looking for?

We always aim to find the perfect attraction for your event, so if you have something in mind that you cant see on the site please let us know and we will endevor to find the game for you.

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